So over the summer I entered a contest with keds for a chance to meet Taylor at a Keds photo shoot this September. I wrote a paragraph about how brave my friend Jackie was, and the amazing things she’s done in her lifetime. By some twist of fate I actually won, and my best friend and I got to travel to the Hamptons and hang out with Taylor.

I have no words that can fully describe how amazing Taylor was to us that day. We had a completely normal conversation as if we’d been friends for years (& as if I wasn’t secretly hyperventilating). 

It’s not very often that you dream of meeting someone for your whole life, and not only that you actually get the chance to meet them, but that they are everything you imagined and more. Taylor was so much more. 

During the harder times of my life, my dad always told me “you’re saving up your luck for something great.” I feel like this past month is what I have been saving up my luck for. And I want all of you who have not yet gotten your opportunity to meet Taylor to know that you are all just saving up your luck. It will happen one day, and it will be everything you imagined and more. 

Thank you taylorswift for EVERYTHING you do for us, and for being your amazing self. 


Out Of The Woods is one of my favorite songs on this album because one of the goals I set out to accomplish when I made this album was that I wanted to make sure that these songs sounded exactly the way the emotions felt.

This song is about the fragility and breakable nature of some relationships. This was a relationship where I was kind-of living day to day wondering where it was going, if it was going to go anywhere, if it was going to end the next day. It was a relationship where you never felt like you were standing on solid ground. And that kind of a feeling brings on excitement but also extreme anxiety and a frantic feeling of wondering.

And this song sounds exactly like that frantic feeling but it stresses that even if a relationship is breakable and fragile and full of anxiety, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t worthwhile, exciting, beautiful, and all of the things that we look for.

Taylor Swift talking about her new song Out Of The Woods on GMA 10.13.14 (x)